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Text us and we'll reply to you within 24hrs

Ask us a question about your website or print designs

Enjoy complimentary design meetings-discover business growth opportunities

Build a new website or update an existing site

Get inspired-explore our portfolio or visit your favorite websites for ideas

Relax knowing there are payment options-enjoy lifetime support with most packages and no setup fees

Set up a timeline that works for you; we'll work hard to ensure your project is completed on time

Develop a branded design that will boost your business

Receive mobile websites and print-ready designs that are simple, professional and affordable

Enjoy generous design packages, often including: SEO setup, Google Analytics, Google my Business and/or WordPress basic training

Ask us about online and print marketing-let us help you put your designs to work

*Nine by Nine Lifetime Support for your mobile website design

*Nine by Nine Lifetime Support includes technical support, 24/7 email and text message support, troubleshooting with any related services and minor mobile website design updates such as text corrections, title changes, link updates but not large changes such as image alteration or web page/section complete changes, thus, complex design work may incur fees; it applies to websites listed on Nine by Nine Design contracts or invoices

Prevent financial losses; own the rights to your website and graphics

Secure your investment: websites are backed up regularly and come with light security packages; you may also add an SSL certificate

Take pride that our company strives towards the utmost loyalty and determination


Nine by Nine Surrey web design builds and updates high quality mobile websites.

We are a licensed and registered company that provides a high level of client satisfaction, trust, support and training, to ensure client business growth.

Nine By Nine Design, Surrey, is a traditional-based company focused on the principles of loyalty and determination. Although the name implies working long hours, the company is about more than that.

Nine multiplied by nine equals eighty-one; significant numbers in Buddhist philosophy. An old tale about a monk who underwent eighty-one trials to reach enlightenment, related that if he faltered even once, he must start over again.

This story spawned the name Nine By Nine Design, representing a deep loyalty to the clients and the craft-determinedly working together for a greater purpose.

The primary tenet of Nine By Nine Design is assisting businesses to succeed, in both their personal and professional goals. Incorporating the principles of loyalty and determination make this success possible.


Nine By Nine Surrey Web Design founder Jesse Nuytten
Jesse D. Nuytten, President and CEO

Jesse brings over 20 years of design and marketing experience to the table.

He creates online and print designs as well as effective brands, while ensuring they give exceptional value to clients and assist them expand their business.

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