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The Power of Sound

Sound permeates every facet of our lives.

An alarm clock breaks the silence of day.

You hear the drip coffee preparing in the morning.

Your partner bids you a good day.

A song plays over the radio on the way to work.

Your manager gives a new presentation for your next assignment.

Breathing a soft sigh of relief, you head home for the day.

These are some sounds we hear often and may impact us depending on who we are.

Less common sounds are more impactful, especially unpredictable ones.

For example, a loud spoken customer gives you a piece of their mind, wearing you down.

Then perhaps, you sing a great song at the top of your lungs and this reinvigorates you.

One sound brought you down, where another one lifted you up.

Sounds are around us everyday and are powerful influences in our lives.

Facts Are Facts magazine claims that,

“If there were ever anything like a magic potion that could be poured into man to bring him to a higher plane, then this magic potion would be made of sounds.”

The article explains the potency and influence of sounds.

Some sounds relieve stress where others shatter glass.

It took many years to discover that sound is highly important in my life journey.

It took such a long time because I was fooling myself on what “sound” really meant to me.

The sound of other people talking seemed great.

The sound of my own spoken voice also seemed great.

Communication skills have certainly been a major part of my success and happiness in life.

I thank God for allowing me to have powerful, respectful and influential communication skills.

This stage is what I am calling “level one” sounds skills in my life.

The next step was understanding how to get to “level 2”.

To do this, I simply looked at how much inspiration and power that was gained from music.

Listening to music, singing music, and playing all kinds of musical instruments were part of this inspiration and power in my world.

I also determined the sound of my communication voice is duller and less inspiring compared to a musical voice.

Being able to live my life at level 2, bringing in music on a fundamental level is going to be another challenge, maintaining all the current responsibilities and priorities while making a major shift and making time for this change.

There is also the importance of constantly letting go of the fear of change and it’s consequences.

The main message here is to respect the powerful force and influence of sound.

It’s worth considering how to bring certain sounds into your life and how to keep certain sounds out of it!

If you find a way to incorporate sounds that bring you strength, joy, inspiration, courage or many other positive experiences, you may just take your life to level two.